Ø8mm snap, female, angled, 3 poles, M12, male, straight, 3 poles, with LED, sensor-/actuator cable

Item description: AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400
Item-No. : 8062211
Cable length:
Cable quality: PUR, UL, S7400, robotic


Technical data A-side B-side
Connector female, angled, Ø8mm snap, with LED male, straight, M12
Number of pins 3 3
Pin assignment

1 BN, 3 BU, 4 BK

1 BN, 3 BU, 4 BK

Coding A
Rated voltage



Insulation resistance (Ω)



Resistance (mΩ) 5 5
Ambient temperature product -30°C...+90°C -30°C...+90°C
Circuit logic pnp
Signal status-indicator LED YE
Operating voltage-indicator LED GN
Contact material Metal, CuSn, gold-plated Metal, CuSn, gold-plated
Contact-carrier material Plastic, TPU, BK Plastic, TPU, BK
Grip body material Plastic, TPU, BK Plastic, TPU, BK
Coupling nut material Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Standards IEC 61076-2-104 IEC 61076-2-101
Degree of protection (mounted) IP65, IP67, IP68 IP65, IP67, IP68
Mechanical life-cycle >100 mating cycles >100 mating cycles
Degree of pollution 3 3

Flexible, silicone- and halogen free control cable with high mechanical strength. Due to its outstanding properties in drag-chain adaption, torsionresistance and weld-field immunity, it is very well suited for the flexible applications in robotics, handling- and assembly technology as well as machine tools. The cable meets the UL and CSA (UL10493/20549; cULus) requirements.

Cable PUR, UL, S7400, robotic
Outer diameter of jacket 4.60 mm
Material PUR
Jacket color OG, similar RAL2003
Wire cross-section 3 x 0.25 mm²
Wire insulation material PP
Wire colors BN, BU, BK
Conductor structure 32 x 0.10 mm
Bending radius (fixed) 5 x Ø-cable
Bending radius (repeated) 10 x Ø-cable
Temperature range (fixed) -40°C...+90°C
Halogen-free Yes
Torsion +/-360°/m, ≥ 10 Mio. cycles
Rated voltage cable

≤300 V

Special features flame retardant, seawater resistant, recyclable, LABS free, RoHs compliant, acid- and alkali resistant, ozone resistant, UV resistant, hydrolysis proof, drag chain-adapted, torsion resistant, welding sparks resistant, halogen free, silicone free, oil resistant
Polbilder-AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400 Polbilder-AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400
Zulassung-AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400 Zulassung-AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400 Zulassung-AL-WKP3P2-0,6-AL-WAS3/S7400