I/O-junctions, M8, active, 8 ports, 3 poles, top contact, M12 male, 5 poles

Item description: 8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND
Item-No. : 8081131


Technical data
I/O-junction 8-way, with connecting plug
I/O-slot M12, 5 poles
Number of I/O-slots 8
Number of LEDs 5
Circuit logic 2x4 active AND
Signal status-indicator LED YE
Total current load 1
Operating voltage-indicator LED GN
Number of pins 3
Rated voltage


Resistance (mΩ) 5
Insulation resistance (Ω)


Ambient temperature product -30°C...+90°C
Housing material Plastic, PA, BK
Contact material Metal, CuZn, gold-plated
Contact-carrier material Plastic, PA, BK
Sealing (female) material FPM/FKM
Connecting type Top
Standards IEC 61076-2-104
Degree of protection (mounted) IP65, IP67
Mechanical life-cycle >100 mating cycles
Sealing material, connecting-plug Plastic, FPM/FKM
Contact material, connecting-plug Metal, CuZn, gold-plated
Mechanical life-cycle, connecting-plug >100 mating cycles
Number of pins, connecting-plug 5
Degree of protection, connecting-plug (mounted) IP65, IP67
Degree of pollution 3
Polbilder-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND Polbilder-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND
Data sheets: Step-File:
Zulassung-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND Zulassung-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND Zulassung-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND Zulassung-8I/OM8-3P4T 2x4 AND