Receptacle Double-ended cordset, M12, female, straight, 4 poles, D-coded, RJ45, male, straight, 4 poles, shielded, Industrial Ethernet

Item description: IE-FKFDSY4.029-5-IE-RJ45SS4.003/S2171
Item-No. : 8064025
Cable length:
Cable quality: Cat5e, PUR, UL, S2171, PROFINET


Technical data
Transmission features Cat5e
Connector female, straight, M12
Material of shielding housing Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Receptacle housing material Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Receptacle housing material, conecting-plug Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated

Shielded, PUR-cable for industrial applications. The cable is CMX-verified or meets the Cat5e (electrical properties of EN 50288-2-1) requirements. Materials and a constructive setup allow for increased mechanical stresses (abrasion, bending, vibrations etc.) of the cable. A drag-chain application with up to 3 million bending cycles is possible.

Cable Cat5e, PUR, UL, S2171, PROFINET
Outer diameter of jacket 6.50 mm
Material PUR
Jacket color GN, similar RAL6018
Wire cross-section 1 x 4 x AWG22, star quad
Wire insulation material FRNC
Wire colors WH, BU, OG, YE
Conductor structure 7 x 0.25 mm
Bending radius (fixed) 4 x Ø-cable
Bending radius (repeated) 8 x Ø-cable
Temperature range (fixed) -40°C...+75°C
Halogen-free Yes
Transmission features Cat5e
Rated voltage cable

600V UL rating

Special features flame retardant, seawater resistant, recyclable, LABS free, RoHs compliant, acid- and alkali resistant, ozone resistant, UV resistant, hydrolysis proof, drag chain-adapted, halogen free, oil resistant, high flexibility, microbes resistant, UN ECER118, PROFINET Type C
Polbilder-IE-FKFDSY4.029-5-IE-RJ45SS4.003/S2171 Polbilder-IE-FKFDSY4.029-5-IE-RJ45SS4.003/S2171
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