Wiring connector, M12, straight, Industrial Ethernet, 8 poles, shielded

Item description: IE-LVCS8
Item-No. : 8055776


Technical data
Transmission features Cat7
Number of pins 8
Pin assignment

1 WH/OG, 2OG; 3 WH/GN, 4 GN, 5 WH/BN, 6 BN; 7 WH/BU, 8 BU

Rated voltage


Insulation resistance (Ω)


Cable outlet 5...9,7mm
Connecting cross-section AWG26/1 - AWG22/1, AWG26/7 - AWG22/7
Ambient temperature product -40°C...+85°C
Housing material Zinc die-cast
Contact material Metal, CuSn
Coupling nut material Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Connecting type Insulation displacement contact
Degree of protection (mounted) IP65, IP67
Degree of pollution 1
Shielding with shielding
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Zulassung-IE-LVCS8 Zulassung-IE-LVCS8 Zulassung-IE-LVCS8