M12, male, straight, 8 poles, X-coded, RJ45, male, straight, 8 poles, shielded, Industrial Ethernet 10 GBit/s

Item description: IE-WASSX8.066-5-IE-RJ45SS8.002/S3500
Item-No. : 8053289
Cable length:
Cable quality: Cat7, PUR, UL, S3500


Technical data A-side B-side
Connector male, straight, M12 male, straight, RJ45
Number of pins 8 8
Pin assignment

1 WHOG, 2 OG; 3 WHGN, 4 GN; 5 WHBN, 6 BN; 7 WHBU, 8 BU

1 WHOG, 2 OG; 3 WHGN, 4 BU; 5 WHBU, 6 GN; 7 WHBN, 8 BN

Allocation T568B
Coding X
Rated voltage

50VAC | 50VDC


Insulation resistance (Ω)



Transmission features Cat6A Cat6A
Ambient temperature product -30°C...+90°C -40°C...+70°C
Contact material Metal, CuZn, gold-plated Metal, CuSn, gold-plated
Contact-carrier material Plastic, PA GF, BK Plastic
Grip body material Plastic, TPU, BK Plastic, TPE, BK
Coupling nut material Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Material of shielding housing Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Standards IEC 61076-2-109 IEC 60603-7-5
Degree of protection (mounted) IP65, IP67, IP68 IP20
Mechanical life-cycle >100 mating cycles >750 mating cycles
Degree of pollution 2 1
Shielding with shielding with shielding

Shielded PUR-cable for industrial applications. The cable meets the UL-Style 20963 and the Cat7 (electrical properties according to EN50288-4-2) requirements. Materials and a constructive setup allow for  increased mechanical stresses (abrasion, bending, vibrations etc.) of the cable.

Cable Cat7, PUR, UL, S3500
Outer diameter of jacket 6.40 mm
Material PUR
Jacket color GN, similar RAL6018
Wire cross-section 4 x 2 x 0.14 mm²
Wire insulation material PE
Wire colors WH/OG ; WH/GN ; WH/BN ; WH/BU
Conductor structure 7 x 0.16 mm
Bending radius (fixed) 5 x Ø-cable
Bending radius (repeated) 10 x Ø-cable
Temperature range (fixed) -40°C...+80°C
Halogen-free Yes
Transmission features Cat7
Rated voltage cable

30 V UL rating

Shielding Yes
Special features seawater resistant, recyclable, LABS free, RoHs compliant, acid- and alkali resistant, UV resistant, hydrolysis proof, halogen free, oil resistant, high flexibility, no corrosive gases, microbes resistant, no fire propargation
Polbilder-IE-WASSX8.066-5-IE-RJ45SS8.002/S3500 Polbilder-IE-WASSX8.066-5-IE-RJ45SS8.002/S3500
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