M12, female, straight, 4 poles, grip body with thread, rail approved

Item description: RA-WAKG4.001-5/S5555
Item-No. : 8093724
Cable length:
Cable quality: CFSPECIAL.414, 4x0.34 mm², S5555


Technical data
Connector female, straight, M12, grip body with thread
Number of pins 4
Pin assignment

1 BK , 2 BK , 3 BK 3, 4 BK

Coding A
Rated voltage


Resistance (mΩ) 5
Insulation resistance (Ω)


Contact material Metal, CuZn, gold-plated
Grip body material Plastic, TPU, BK
Contact-carrier material Plastic, PA, BK
Coupling nut material Metal, CuZn, nickel-plated
Sealing (female) material FPM/FKM
Standards IEC 61076-2-101
Mechanical life-cycle >100 mating cycles
Cable end assembly open cable end
Degree of pollution 3
Advanced technical data
Fire prevention according to DIN EN 45545-2 HL1-3
Temperature range Tx (-40°C...+90°C)
Shock & vibration Class 1, Category B (DIN EN 61373)
Degree of protection (mounted) IP67 (-30°C...+90°C), IP65 (-40°C...+90°C)
Standards DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 45545-2

PVC- and halogen-free cable with improved behaviour in case of fire, no flame propagation, flame retardant and drag chain compatible. The cable is intended for moving applications where bending stresses occur during operation. The cable fulfils the requirements according EN 45545-2 (HL1 - HL3). It is characterized by a wide temperature range and a high UV- and oil resistance.

Cable CFSPECIAL.414, 4x0.34 mm², S5555
Outer diameter of jacket 5.0 mm
Material CFSPECIAL.414
Jacket color BK, similar RAL9005
Wire cross-section 4 x 0.34 mm²
Wire insulation material CFSPECIAL.414
Wire colors BK 1, BK 2, BK 3, BK 4
Conductor structure 43 x 0,1 mm
Bending radius (fixed) 10 x Ø-cable | -30°C...-20°C 7,5 x Ø-cable | -20°C...-10°C 5 x Ø-cable | -10°C...+70°C 7,5 x Ø-cable | +70°C...+80°C
Bending radius (repeated) 10 x Ø-cable | -20°C...-10°C 7,5 x Ø-cable | -10°C...+70°C 10 x Ø-cable | +70°C...+80°C
Temperature range (fixed) -30°C...+80°C
Fire prevention according to DIN EN 45545-2 HL1-3, DIN 5510 fire prevention-levels 1-4
Halogen-free Yes
Torsion ±30° | -10°C...+70°C
Special features flame retardant, RoHs compliant, UV resistant, torsion resistant, halogen free, silicone free, oil resistant, increased thermal load, low emission of smoke, oil- and fuel resistant, self-extinguishing
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