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Connectivity for different industries

Different industries have different demands. These demands are obtained by e.g. extreme environmental conditions or specific rules and standards. Very often, this has a direct influence on the required connectivity. ESCHA addresses these requirements by developing individual product portfolios for individual industries.

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Connectors and cables have to meet different demands in body construction and vehicle assembly. For safety applications and optical feature you can get yellow cables and yellow connectors. Our automotive portfolio offers just the right solutions for all areas.
The food- and beverage industry has highest demands towards hygiene and security. Additionally, the components applied there have to guarantee a high resistance to sour and alkaline cleaning agents. ESCHA offers the right connectivity for different production zones.
ESCHA has developed a product range to meet the specific vibration-, environmental-, and security demands prevailing in wind turbines. This range guarantees a safe and reliable data- and signal transmission even under harsh conditions.
Robot applications especially depend on reverse-bending- and torsion properties of single-ended- and double-ended cables. ESCHA offers you different types of cables and connectors for dynamic application areas.
We have developed a comprehensive product range for the bus- and rail industry, matching up the high industry-specific security demands and permanently withstanding the extreme environmental impacts. We designated these products as ‘rail approved’ and ‘bus approved’.
More and more compact devices require a power supply that is also compact. Many device manufacturers rely on the standardized and industrially proven M12-interface. At ESCHA you get M12 POWER components to implement a decentralized power supply that follows the structured bus wiring.
The environmental conditions and every-day loads in the agricultural sector and vehicle industry set high demands in terms of connectivity. Overmolded connectors in Deutsch-DT design and M12-connectors with plastic locking nuts from ESCHA offer a smart and reliable solution.