Profinet-cable for robot applications

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Halver, 13 March 2019 – A new cable quality of the connectivity specialist ESCHA makes it immediately possible to use Profinet in robot applications. While previous Profinet-cables were only available either with drag-chain features or torsion features, the new cable designated ‘PROFINET Robotic‘ optimally combines both features. The flexible Ethernet-cable readily withstands up to 5 million bending cycles and 5 million torsion cycles. Currently, it is exclusively available from ESCHA in manufactured version with M12x1-connectors (four-pole, D-coded) or RJ45-connectors.

Collaborating robots are more and more frequently used in automated production. Likewise, intelligent sensors and cameras that require a direct Ethernet connection are mounted on grippers. In these applications, bending-, reverse-, and torsion features of a cable are particularly significant. In order to serve this growing market segment, ESCHA has a new product line with ‘PROFINET Robotic‘ on offer, which is excellently adapted for applications in robot environment through its dynamic properties. It is based on a two-paired data cable facilitating a Fast-Ethernet-transmission according to Cat5e.

In addition to the new ‘PROFINET Robotic‘, ESCHA has two more cable qualities on offer adapting to flexible requirements in the industrial environment. These cable qualities are optimized for M12x1-connectors with 8X-coding and provide for either very good torsion applicability (5 million cycles) or very good drag-chain applicability (1 million cycles).