Distributing Power the right way

Halver, 22 March 2016 – With immediate effect, the Connector- and Housing specialist ESCHA has added new M12x1 power-junctions in three housing styles T, H (one input, three outputs) and h (one input, two outputs) to its portfolio. Together with the overmolded connection- and junction cables for M12x1 Power which disposes of up to 2.5mm² cross-sectional area, the power supply distribution for terminal devices can now be decentralized. In contrast to small cross-sections, this large cross-section provides for a large extension of the power distribution and – particularly in case of direct current distribution – a slight voltage drop.

In addition to the connectors, the power-junctions make up another important module facilitating a structured cabling similar to a bus cabling. Power-junctions with S-coding are especially adapted for alternating current applications (AC-applications with up to 12A / 630V), while junctions with T-coding are designed for direct current applications (DC-applications with up to 12A / 63V). The power-junctions were completely redesigned and meet the high IP65-, IP67-, and IP68- protection class requirements. They also fulfill the UL requirements and can therefore be used on the North American market.


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